Welcome to the 2024 University Hills and Evergreen summer farmers markets. As a side note, we will likely run holiday markets as well in November and December at University Hills Plaza and other locations.

  • Both markets have a blend of produce, food, drink and lifestyle vendors.
  • Both locations are prime because of access, street visibility and parking.
  • The markets are promoted a variety of ways because engagement is key.
  • We’re a fan of all vendors and work hard to communicate and support you.
  • It’s a priority to provide a positive experience for you and customers as well as the hosting venue.
  • I also manage marketing for University Hills Plaza Shopping Center (home of University Hills market).
University Hills Evergreen
Saturdays, 9am-1pm
(25 dates)
Tuesdays, 10am-2pm
(19 dates)
University Hills Plaza
2500 S Colorado Blvd, Denver 80222
El Rancho Colorado, 29260 US-40, Evergreen 80439


1. Registration is $95 for 1 location or $150 for both locations.
2. It is an additional $15 per tent per date if you need more than 1 tent.
3. The fee is 10% of day-of-sales or a minimum (whichever is higher) per date per location.
4. Registration and payment must be completed online.
5. Registration does not guarantee acceptance and it’s first come-first serve.
6. Refunds are not given unless an extreme circumstance arises which we’ll discuss together.
7. If you are going to miss a scheduled date, please contact us at least 72 hours ahead of time.


Setup and Tear Down
Setup begins approximately 2 hours before and you decide how much time you need. Unload your vehicle near the market then park away from the market. When the market is over and customers are gone, you may park closer again.

Customer parking and safety are major priorities.

Your Spot
Your assigned spot will hopefully be the same weekly (but please be flexible). Returning vendors and those committed to all dates get top priority.

If something arises and you cannot attend as scheduled, please notify us within 72 hours of market date.

These markets have a culture of cooperation and courtesy. Thank you for being part of this.

Tents and Trash
40lbs per tent leg is required (barbells, milk jug filled with sand, etc.). No spiking or drilling is allowed. You must remove all trash related to your tent/business.

Smoking is prohibited.

Electricity and Safety
Electricity is generally not provided; there may be instances where it is. Noiseless generators are recommended. If cooking on-site, you must have all appropriate fire safety equipment.

Liability insurance is recommended but not required. Feel free to contact Campbell Risk Management at 317-848-9075. Tina Branham at ext 206, tbranham@campbellrisk.com or Larry Spilker at ext 203, lspilker@campbellrisk.com.

Licenses and Public Heath
Licenses should always be with you and you must comply with all regulations pertaining to your product. If you have questions, contact the local health department.

You are responsible for collection and payment of local, county, state and federal taxes.